This blog is about the spiritual journey


Today I want to celebrate Silence—an interior place of love and guidance, beneath the vicissitudes of existence. It is a place where one can cultivate ascendance over the mundane, while moving towards the sublime.

Silence encourages “receiving,” all receptors alive. This morning I am listening to a whisper: Life is the creative act of God, so be humble and quiet. In that way, you can keep going; you are taken.

Silence is the antidote to a temperamental mind, with a clarifying effect.  It takes devotion to rise above the tenuous plane of emotion, where lives often play out. Through the practice of silence, it becomes possible to keep love flourishing, allowing all else to fall away. Through silence there comes a rectifying of the raw data of experience in harmony with the movement of the soul.

There is no need to search for meaning or to scramble for advantage.  Dreams may be dashed, but a burgeoning inner silence fosters true spirit—a dream come true—the saving grace and wellspring of faith.

Click on “Morning Song Books” to read about my book, Freedom to Fall—an  inspirational story about my son, who died rock climbing, and my journey towards healing.

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