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Tapping the Wellspring

I step out for a walk, longing to share my love.  Around the corner a stranger crosses my path where, through smiles of recognition, our love intersects, uplifting our spirits.   

When we tap the wellspring, we come to life—blossoming with the love that has been there all along.  This earthly journey is nothing if not a chance to express in the physical what is genuinely ours. In this way, we gather friends and family, including those encountered serendipitously, the light of which burns on.     

Love is most gloriously fulfilled in closeness with God. God whispers what I need to know, while I withhold nothing. When I can’t seem to endure, God shows me how. God knows my strength and teaches me to use it. Through daily communion, I learn self-love.

I feel, God, you know what it means to be human, that you are not impassive, but walk this path with us—as Jesus taught. Through your Presence we become balanced, open-hearted, grounded in faith.  In truth, we are comprised of thy substance.  

In the midst of tenuous life, when we tap the wellspring we fulfill our humanity, before returning from whence we came.

To learn about my book, Freedom To Fall, click on “Morning Song Books” above—a true story about healing through love, after my son dies in a rock climbing accident.

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