This blog is about the spiritual journey

Rungs of Truth

Each sunrise presents a glimmer of new awareness, a tiny rung of truth in an ever-ascending partnership with God.

Today God tells me to be content with what I have; to be carried forth in faith, not to reach for what is denied or not yet manifest. Otherwise, I may follow the fate of the fallen angel, who perpetually plummets and scrambles back up.    

It seems that awareness is always coming into being, and what I knew yesterday may not be enough—that learning is continual, requiring attention.  If I am wise, I’ll be with the dawning. I’ll stay with the emergence—life in the making, still uncertain. When a new rung appears, I’ll step up to the offering. 

From where I stand today, I hear: Go with whatever uplifts your spirit and makes you happy, regardless of what goes on. Share your gifts with those who can receive them and have something to give back—like a smile. Don’t worry about what happens here on Earth—disappointments and twists of fate.  Go forward steadfastly.

Sometimes the truths I glean are uncomfortable—such as insubstantial aspects of life I’ve held onto.  Other times they bring comfort or joy, as missing pieces I’ve needed for some time. If I receive God’s offerings, without grasping for what remains veiled, life will be more than I imagine. In partnership—at God’s pace—there will be treasure at each rung to carry to Heaven.

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