This blog is about the spiritual journey



Sunday is my favorite day, when I feel closest to God. After yesterday’s faltering, I hear: All you have to do is settle down into the moment. From this place of stillness and serenity, life can unfold. You can’t plan ahead because stillness only has relevance in the moment. Each moment holds the promise of rebirth.

In stillness, you can be the witness, allowing thoughts and emotions to flow through untouched. As Witness, you bring balance to your life. I tell God that I want to keep the witness alive as the day unfolds. And God has answered, saying that it means slowing down to the point of being in tune with breath. To convey stillness from one moment to the next, while attending to the day’s agenda, is the beauty of being alive.

I tell God that I want to shift into that reality now; God says: You can; it’s right here. I want, God, for the true ordering of importance to manifest. God says: You can make it happen. It’s a simple matter of settling….

It is Sunday, a day for honoring Thee. It’s so comforting to know that it’s all right here. You only need to be still—to settle, as leaves falling to the ground.

I hear that you can drop everything, as though you have died, and live from that perspective. It is possible and you can do it. It means leaving this world while you are in it and living from that other place. That is what I want—to take flight. God says: You can come Home any time. You can retain stillness—the spiritual life.